Bridging Cultures

Roots Studio works with unreached communities to digitize their cultural works as IP into an online library for licensing. Through years of consistent heart and operations, we build 2-way bridges between artists and the global market by providing authorship, voice, and compensation.

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Our Heritage Library

Preview the thousands of last generation and storied designs from our communities in our library. Every print is linked back to the artist and tribe by emailing us at

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“Roots Studio digitalizes endangered indigenous art and provides intellectual property education to those wishing to license traditional crafts to fashion companies.”

"Roots Studio's smart approach also addresses an industry-wide ethical issue in fashion: cultural appropriation. Knowing a valuable asset of these artisans includes their cultural narrative"

"At the core of what sets Roots Studio apart is the emphasis they place on listening to the communities they’re working with, and on building relationships with them." 

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Our pillars


We work with indigenous artists and communities from around the world to deeply understand the meanings behind their work, and to provide them with the means and opportunity to share their work with brands and consumers.


How do we build trust with communities? Amplifying voices, observing existing dynamics, and consistent two-way dialogue. We can help bridge your projects involving communities through years of reflective and self-aware practice.


We ensure that the artists are appropriately compensated and we provide regular profit returns back to them and their communities. Every design in our library is traceable to their bank accounts.