Roots Studio works with indigenous artists globally to digitize their unique and endangered heritage arts onto new mediums, through a model that can financially support their livelihoods, community, and traditions.

Of course we need to talk about the touchy topic of appropriation. Avoiding the discussion only ensures that appropriation will take place, and the world will succumb to a dominant and ultimately boring aesthetic. But transposing a pattern drawn by an artist in India onto a garment isn't necessarily appropriation. Many heritage artists are eager to share their art with the world, and for that income to sustain their practice. True cultural appropriation is founded on power imbalances from a history of dispossession and silencing. If communities can take back authorship, consent, and economic power, we can pave a way to share cultures more equitably and beautifully. This is what we do.

How We Work

Our team has worked with tribal communities with decades of experience spanning high design, grassroots organizing, and retail expertise. Twice a month, our team runs surface pattern, technological, and financial literacy workshops with our partner communities.

Sustainable Communities

Following UN SDG Goal 11 to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, our vision is to support the local economies of heritage rich communities by using technology as a bridge. Our vision is to create an alternative to migration by supporting the sustainable lifestyles that exist in the community.

Profit Splits

Through each license, royalties wired back to village average 5 times the original selling price. Our profit split structure -- 75% to the artists and 25% to a community fund, which recognizes individual talent but also allows the village to participate as a whole and vote on spending for community needs.


Join us

Life is abundant, not scarce. We love our artists and bridging worlds with values-aligned partners. Or funders who are looking to increase the proverbial pie for inclusive creativity. Reach out to us at info@rootsstudio.co

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