Syrian Calligraphy Cards by Baraa - Pack of 5
Syrian Calligraphy Cards by Baraa - Pack of 5
Syrian Calligraphy Cards by Baraa - Pack of 5

Syrian Calligraphy Cards by Baraa - Pack of 5

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It is drawn by Baraa, a Syrian calligrapher based in Amman, Jordan.

Calligraphy artists have come to Jordan as refugees and are struggling to make ends meet. In order for them to survive living in Amman, which has recently ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the middle east, they would need around 700 JD, on a monthly basis. That amount would cover expenses and allow them to have a dignified life. Most of these artists are living on a salary below minimum wage, ranging from 230 JD to 300 JD.

Workshops cost around 200 JD, and they need to be carried out weekly. The material used in calligraphy isn’t readily available in Jordan and shipments have to be made from nearby countries where calligraphy is more alive. 

The artists believe that the beauty of calligraphy alone is a big message, it is unique to their context, and more people should be exposed to it in order to enjoy it. And as the saying goes "Calligraphy is embedded within the soul" so in other words calligraphy within itself is an extension of one's soul and beauty within. It can combine both happiness and sadness, and everything in between.

Unfortunately. technology and some artists growing tired, due to the lack of interest from others has led to the number of calligraphers drop low in recent years
Back in the day, everyone had to turn to calligraphers for writing official scripts or to design a logo, since they had no other choice. However, the evolution of technology and computers caused a shortage in opportunities. Hence people are leaving it behind, and learning how to use computer programmes instead.

There are several Arabic Calligraphy that are endangered like Moroccan, Qairawan, & some other older variants. The artists don't practice the older ones anymore because they look very ancient, are unreadable and very hard to learn.
People prefer simpler, more readable types nowadays.

Our goal at Roots Studio is to help struggling artists who are gifted and excel at indigenous forms of art relating to their context and daily life. Calligraphy is an artform on the edge of extinction, and yet these artists cannot find a platform to market their work and unique talents.

• Folded cards with a description of the tribe printed on the back.

• Each card comes with an envelope.

• Printed on fine art linen paper

• Dimensions : 6"X4"

• Pack of 5 cards

• 20% of the profits go to the artist and the community

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