Hardbound Notebooks, Holiday Bundle

Hardbound Notebooks, Holiday Bundle

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This holiday season, treat your family and friends to one of our holiday bundles. With their unique magnetic fastening, premium paper and foil embossed patterns, these notebook are a visual delight, and a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates impactful and aesthetic gifts.  These are premium quality notebook made of black SilkTouch material, with original art foiled onto the cover and 182 pages of mill paper. An "About the Art" page is included in the notebook on handmade banana leaf vellum, as well as envelope pockets to store all your memories. Choose from our two festive color combinations of either Emerald and Maroon, or Silver and Seafoam.


These notebooks are designed by artist Kalyan Joshi, one of fewer than 20 remaining artists of the Phad Chitra school. Phad Chitra is an artistic style that was built around the balladeer tradition in Rajasthan, where storytellers would travel from village to village recounting heroic tales using painted backdrops.  There are now fewer than 10 artists of this school who can faithfully preserve and represent this dying art form. We have been working with the artists of this community since 2014, redesigning these patterns into a portable format.  Now you too can take a part of the nomadic Rajasthani balladeers tradition with you wherever you go.

Urbanization and industrialization have resulted in increasing migration from rural to urban villages, which threaten the preservation and development of the arts and crafts created within Toraja. At Roots Studio, we seek to support the vision of a “prosperous village,” through cultural documentation, design, and practical economic generation.

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