Licensing FAQ

How does your subscription work?

Through a $2500 subscription, you get access to our private library and a discount of 4 credits applicable to any 4 patterns, over a 1 year period. This does not cover photo downloads. Additional downloads beyond the 4 credits will be billed.

Can I get a preview?

You can email for a 2 week viewing period.

What am I getting?

For Designs
Our designs begin at $650. After you have checked out, you will automatically receive a downloadable zip file containing a high resolution 400 - 600 dpi Photoshop file color-separated by layers and color ways in raster. You will also receive a low-resolution PNG file for quick viewing.

For Photos

Our photos begin at $50 per photo. After you have checked out, you will automatically a high resolution jpeg of png file. All photos downloads are non exclusive. 

What are the terms for exclusive use?

Our exclusive downloads cost $650. All associated color ways and motifs are removed from our library for 2 years beginning from the download date. The licensee retains the art for 2 years, where after it becomes available for other licensees.

What are the terms of the non-exclusive use?

Our non-exclusive designs cost $99, and are kept in the library for others to license at any time.

What if I would like to license a bigger story or campaign?

It is important for us to have our artists’ voices and stories told alongside your product! We have thousands of editorial-level photos and videos shot by our storytelling team. Please email us at for packages of collateral and pricing.

Why does Roots Studio not guarantee terminal exclusivity?

Our goal and hope is to create a sustainable livelihood for artists, not to dispossess artists heritage. With that said, we also understand the need for exclusivity in the given season and remove the design from usage during the time period. The motifs inherently belong to the community and it wouldn't make sense for any company to own a heritage item terminally.